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Wednesday 24th May 2023
Jazz at The Sidewinder
Amuse Manouche Trio

The Sidewinder, BN2 1PJ | 8-10pm | Brighton, UK

Saturday 27th May 2023

Sour Cherries Live at Brighton Music Hall
Brighton Music Hall, BN1 2FN | 1-4pm | Brighton, UK

Friday 2nd June 2023

Jaz@ East Beach Cafe
Book in advance
East Beach Cafe, BN17 5GB | 7-9pm | Littlehampton, UK

Sunday 11th June 2023
Jazz at Easy Tiger
Easy Tiger at The Hampton, BN1 3FH | 5.30-7.30pm | Brighton, UK
Thursday 15th June 2023
Jazz at The Kemp
The Kemp, BN2 1EB | 8-10pm | Brighton, UK

Thursday 22nd June 2023
Sour Cherries @ Cafe Bohemia
Booking recommended
Cafe Bohemia, BN1 1HB | 8-10pm | Brighton, UK
Friday 23rd June 2023
Jazz at The Better Half
The Better Half, BN3 2RG | 2.30-5pm | Hove, UK

Thursday 29th June 2023
Amuse Manouche @ Stage Door Pub
Stage Door Pub, BN21 4BW | tbc | Eastbourne, UK
Friday 14th July 2023
Sam Carelse band performs a tribute to Blossom Dearie
St. Andrews Church BN3 2AD | 6-8pm | Hove, UK
Sunday 23rd July 2023
Jazz at Trading Boundaries
Trading Boundaries TN22 3RB | noon-2.30pm | Uckfield, UK
Thursday 27th July 2023
Amuse Manouche Quartet @ Cafe Bohemia
Booking recommended
Cafe Bohemia, BN1 1HB | 9-11pm | Brighton, UK

Saturday 29th July 2023
Amuse Manouche Quartet @ Brighton Friends' Meeting House
Brighton Friends' Meeting House, BN1 1AF | noon-3pm | Brighton, UK
Sunday 30th July 2023
Brighton Beachcombers Quartet at Rottingdean Terraces
Rottingdean Beach | 3-5pm | Rottingdean, UK
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