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Friday 1st September 2023
Sour Cherries
The Sidewinder, BN2 1PJ | 8-10pm | Brighton, UK
Saturday 2nd September 2023
Jazz @ The Jolly Sportsman
The Jolly Sportsman, BN7 3BA | 1-3.30pm | Lewes, UK

Sunday 3rd September 2023
Jazz at Trading Boundaries
Trading Boundaries TN22 3RB | noon-2.30pm | Uckfield, UK
Sunday 3rd September 2023
Amuse Manouche: Jazz Living Room @ The Hand In Hand
The Hand In Hand BN2 1JN | 8-11pm | Brighton, UK
Thursday 7th September 2023
Jazz @ The Joker
The Joker BN1 4QF | 8-10pm | Brighton, UK
Thursday 21st September 2023
Amuse Manouche @ Bohemia Brighton
Bohemia Brighton BN1 1HB | 9-11pm | Brighton, UK
Sunday 24th September 2023
Jazz @ The Cricketers
The Cricketers BN14 9DE | 6-8pm | Worthing, UK
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