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Nothing's Too Good For My Baby

The Soultastics

With Alex Bondonno (sax), Titch Walker (trumpet), Gary Wright (vocals), David Cash (piano), Oz Dechaine (double bass) and Angus Bishop (drums)

Promo for Louis Prima: King of the Swingers (Swingin' at the Spiegel) at Brighton Spiegeltent on Monday 8th May 2023.

Amuse Manouche

Quartet Showreel

With Elis Davies (guitar), George Berrills (double bass), and Jason Henson (guitar)

Tonight You Belong To Me

By Billy Rose and Lee David

With Benny Benack III (trumpet), Jason Henson (guitar), and Oz Dechaine (double bass)

Hang On Little Tomato

By Pink Martini

With Alex Bondonno (clarinet), Jason Henson (guitar), and Oz Dechaine (double bass)

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